April News: Drifters live vocal score at Reykjavik Doc + Short Film festival.

After just slowly coming down off the high of “Tweet Music” for the National Trust, I’ve just confirmed the performance of my live vocal score to John Grierson’s Drifters at this years documentary and short film festival in Reykjavik. After having just performed at Hippfest in Scotland with members of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, I’ll be back on the solo vibe in Iceland! You can find out more about the festival and all the other amazing stuff that’ll be going on here.  

Over the coming months I’ll also be letting you know about a special Drifters performance planned in July for the Now Then Manchester festival…keep it on the DL for now though ;)

National Trust Commission “Tweet Music” : Celebrating the sounds of Spring

To download the free “Tweet Music” tracks, simply click on the downward pointing arrow on the right of the Soundcloud links below.

Tweet Music: UK beatboxer Jason Singh recreates the sounds of sp

Press Release:

A leading UK beatboxer has vocally recreated the nation’s best-known songbirds to celebrate the sounds of spring and encourage the nation to get outdoors and experience nature first hand.

The album of tweet music was commissioned by the National Trust after academic research found that listening to  birdsong, one of the Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾, not only makes people calmer but boosts positivity. Despite this, almost one in five (19 per cent) rarely hear birdsong with 19 per cent of city dwellers regularly woken up by the noise of cars or planes.

Beatboxer and vocal sculptor Jason Singh visited National Trust places for inspiration before creating the album, which features birds and wildlife including Blackbirds, Robins, Woodpeckers, Crows, Skylarks, Owls, Warblers, Buzzards, Frogs and Crickets.

Singh explained, “I love the magic of spring, particularly at Tatton Park which I have been going to for years. When the silence of winter comes to an end, you can feel a real sense of change as the parkland erupts with noise, bursts of colour and new life. This is what makes spring so special for me and it’s this that I really wanted to capture in this project.

“It was important to me that the bird calls and environments I recreated were as life like and authentic as possible, so it was great to work with the National Trust’s nature experts to better understand the flora and fauna of spring.”

Listeners are set to find the new National Trust soundtrack a soothing experience after a recent psychological study found that natural sounds have restorative qualities. The study found the that birdsong and other sounds of nature like a running stream help people recover much quicker from stressful scenarios compared with the noise of urban living.

Drifters at the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival

“Before Grierson met Cavalcanti” is a double bill event at this years silent film festival in Bo’ness, Falkirk.  It’s an incredible festival and I am really excited about performing here on Sunday.  One of the things that will make it a really special night is that I will be joined by members of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra.  It’s the first time that I am performing the vocal score with additional musicians and to top it all off, we aren’t going to have a rehearsal or meet each other properly!  All I know is that we may have trumpet, oboe, cello and voice!

It really excites me and also makes me nervous about what might happen, but that’s how I like it!

Here is a bit more about the event:

“Prior to collaborating at the famous GPO Film Unit, Stirlingshire-born documentary pioneer John Grierson and Brazilian filmmaker Alberto Cavalcanti each explored the boundaries of silent documentary. This double bill is a dynamic pairing of the two directors’ work and is superbly complemented by performers currently working in the vanguard of the UK music scene. Cavalcanti’s impressionistic portrait of Paris, ‘Rien Que Les Heures’ (‘Nothing But Time’) is accompanied by ensemble Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (GIO). ‘Drifters’ is Grierson’s ground-breaking creative interpretation of a herring drifter’s journey. Beatboxer and sound artist Jason Singh brings his own creative response to the film’s rhythms, in collaboration with members of GIO, to augment his British Film Institute commissioned score.”

Falkirk Community Trust

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra

Imagine: The Lost Music Of Rajasthan

A couple of years ago the BBC documentary series, Imagine, did an episode on the music and culture of Rajasthan. Through the collaborative work I was doing with the Jaipur Virasat Foundation and the Rajasthan International Folk Festival, some of our work was featured in the episode. The full episode can be viewed here

It was an incredible experience over a period of nearly 6 years and some of those incredible times and experiences where beautifully captured by the BBC.

I hope you enjoy it.


DROITWICH is my new project which I want to share with you all!. Over the past 18 months I’ve been going back to my roots of electronic experimentation and in which time have developed my own unique system of live looping and processing of the voice and instruments.

DROITWICH is about taking the focus away from my work as a vocal artist and exploring and developing new technologies and approaches to live performance and recording across a wider range of musical genres.

I’ve used the system to process and live sample musicians and sound artists including Arun Ghosh, Aleksander Kolkowski, Shabaka Hutchings and Sebastian Rochford of Polar Bear.

For my first DROITWICH release, I have collaborated with Mandhira de Saram of the Ligeti Quartet (www.ligetiquartet.com) to produce an EP, entitled Infected Humours. The music was created over two days entirely using the violin as the source instrument and then sampled, processed and recorded live, usually in one or two takes. The result is a sonic world which creates rich and eccentric textures, rhythms and shapes.

I hope you like it, buy it and share it.